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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  September 17, 2015 11:50pm-12:53am EDT

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game in san diego. he threw five interceptions. and he just kept on that football trying to win the game. jim: remember, the broncos just last sunday won on a defensive touchdown by aqib talib and now they are 27 seconds away from a defensive touchdown winning it again for them. this time brady roby. number 29 taking it 29 yards on the return. phil: you finally think you're in position to maybe overtake this broncos team. that's what you -- they've just been so overpowering the last couple of years. jim: can the chiefs pull off a miracle? smith across the 30. remember, they have only one time-out left and they're going
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to have to take it here. peyton manning, 26-45, 256 yards, three touchdowns. and one interception. and that's three touchdowns after he threw the pick. and he looked as the game went on, he got stronger. phil: yes, he definitely got better. he got his rhythm. he got his legs under him. like i said, they don't wear you down in the run. in the past they haven't. they do it with the pass. and this was some statement game by peyton manning. give him credit. he hung in there. it looked likes the going to be a horrible night. i was sitting there thinking this is going to explode. and he hung in there. he made some really big throws on that first touchdown drive. picked up the blitzes. jim: schmidt. they're all over him. and they may not even have a chance to reset.
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phil: malik jackson back there. jim: wade phillips, what a difference he's made, his defense winning it the last two weeks. this game is over. this crowd cannot believe it. nor can we. phil: some gut check by the broncos and they come through. jim: two touchdowns in a nine-second span. look at owen daniels getting one more clean hit on peyton manning tonight. phil: that's got to be -- i mean, we met peyton last night. we talked. i'm not going to say i saw doubt in his face, nothing like that but he thought they were going to come out, control the ball, run it and look what it turns into and man, that's got to be some confidence builder, even for peyton manning and all his great success in the nfl. jim: and they have the record
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now for 13 consecutive road wins inside the division, bettering the feat that first belonged to the 49ers back 1987 through 990 that went from walsh to seifert's teams. gary kubiak now 2-0 as the head coach and no one saw this finish coming. peyton comes over and high-fives the defensive coordinator. the broncos' defense is pretty remarkable and peyton manning is far from finished. phil: what'd we start the game out with? there are a lot of questions out there. i'm no different than anybody else. oh, boy, i'm one of those last year when tom brady struggled, maybe this is the end of the run by the patriots. jim: i always go back to that
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second game that peyton manning played as a bronco in atlanta and he has three first half picks and people were starting to whisper the same things they were this last couple of weeks but the legend is living on. let's go down to tracy. tracy: i think the look on your face says it all. tell us what's going through your mind. peyton: i'm not sure i've ever been in one quite like that. i'm curious if nantz or simms had seen one like that either. that was a new one for me. it was tough. that defense is so much better than last year, so stout against the run, they just make it hard all night and so -- we just kept plugging and got a couple at the end of the first half and the third quarter kind of just struggled, got one field goal but obviously when we had to have it our defense kept us in it with some turnovers and field goals and that last drive was really
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good. really proud of our young offensive line. no poise issues, no communication issues. d.t. had a couple of offensive plays and we finally got one in the end zone. tracy: you mentioned the defense for the second straight game being able to seal the victory. what can you say about their performance? peyton: i mean, the superlatives go on and on. they're playing great team defense. everybody is doing their part. getting sacks, tipped balls, getting pressure on the quarterback leading to bad throws. that's a sign of a good defense and offensively we're going to keep plugs, keep sawing wood. two weeks in a row we've had two final drives that have put a stamp on the whole game and i think we can build off of that. tracy: thank you, peyton. phil: i think that's the happiest i've ever seen peyton manning after a game in his career. that was something special to watch. jim: he hasn't smiled like that in a football atmosphere since
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last mid november. what a game and what a victory by the broncos off the five take waste and the defensive winner. coming up next, the mazda postgame show. for phil, tracy, mike carey, all the crew. jim nantz saying so long from kansas city. you've been watching "thursday night football." cbs, home of super bowl 50.
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when you think of the united states postal service? exactly. that's what pushes us to deliver smarter simpler faster sleeker earlier fresher harder farther quicker and yeah, even on sundays. what's next? we'll show you.
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[captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] . >> welcome to "the mazda postgame show." rich: a shocking finish in arrowhead. bradley roby with a scoop and
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run 29 yards after the second jamaal charles fumble of the night. five turnovers for the chiefs, including one in the last two minutes of each half that led to touchdowns for the broncos who escaped with a week two "thursday night football" kickoff victory in arrowhead and peyton manning and the broncos escape with one. marshall faulk, what happened with jamaal charles? marshall: it's imperative that when you carry the football and in traffic, it happened to him two times. you must place that other hand over the football so when guys are sticking their hand in there you have it secure. you hear about high and tight ball security. he lost it two times, the last very costly. rich: what did you think of peyton manning's performance now? kurt: we watched the first half and even the fort worth three quarters, i thought he struggled.
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missed some throws he normally makes and then on the last drive, he looks good, there's velocity on the ball and he puts the ball where it needs to be. i think i'm leaving with more questions than i had. i'm trying to figure out why some balls don't look anything like peyton and other balls he throws look like the peyton manning we expect. why such a disconnect from one pass to another? but hey, he bounced back in the bad plays and made some great ones down the stretch. >> the broncos took advantage of five takeaways. peyton manning started off slow. they were down 14-0 but all of a sudden got a couple of turnovers. but you can't give a hall of fame quarterback five extra possessions. sooner or later he's going to get you. michael: this kid, demaryius thomas, the last mays he made, going up and getting that football. he went up and made plays when
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he was not open. rich: later on the "the mazda postgame show" emmanuel sanders will visit us. for the moment, let's go back to arrowhead. jim nantz, phil simms what a finish. jim: no question. we're still trying to get our mind ooverpbled this one. you look at these two teams, off to green bay for kansas city on a monday night. the broncos travel to detroit for their next game. how do they both move forward? phil: i think the broncos move forward with great confidence. kurt warner was right, it was all over the place but as peyton manning warmed up, they did what he did last year, they gave him all those plays. the double moves, a lot of variety. we saw the peyton manning of old. i said to you, i think the most interesting thing after the game is what are the broncos going to do? do you just go what are we thinking? let's go with this because their defensive -- defense is tremendous. and he wore out the defense.
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jim: leave to believe that the broncos would start to look more like a gary kubiak-type offense starting tonight with peyton under center, more of an emphasis on the run game, less passing. now what do they do? phil: there are a lot of analogieses i can make there. whatever they did, the pass protections and the scheme. they started picking up the blitzes for the preseason against san francisco, baltimore and the beginning of this game. it was unbelievable how many errors they were making in who's going to pick up the blitzers. they figured it out. i don't know what they did at halftime but they have to stay with it and make sure they don't take peyton manning out of the offense. jim: it's been a long time since we've seen a team find so many ways to lewis. phil: yes. kansas city, it's a tough one to lose. it will hang over them for the year.
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jim: five turnovers for the chiefs and the broncos comes up with a game-winning touchdown on defense. final thought from you. phil: the broncos, even though -- the defense is fast, they're going to be a tough team no matter how the offense plays because their defense can make big plays, like we've seen. jim: so the broncos take this one 31-24. coming up next on cbs, your local news except on the west coast. don't miss the late show with stephen colbert followed by "the late late show" with james corden. tonight only cbs. for more fble, the "the mazda postgame show" continues on nfl network. phil, look forward to seeing you next week for the giants and redskins. what a way to start our "thursday night football" package. thanks for watching "the mazda postgame show" from kansas city.
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>> cbs sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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♪ in the news a raging fire responsible for causing $1 million worth of damage in center city philadelphia. authorities now say it was intentionally set and they want to talk to this man scene in surveillance photos. reward is now being offered for information leading to an arre arrest. hello i'm ukee washington.
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>> i'm jessica dean. as "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco shows us, that fire also destroyed a community's work of art. >> reporter: eyewitness video shows what residents woke up to early tuesday morning. fire raging just outside their bedroom windows from the building across the street at 13th and chancellor. a lease jackson was evacuate in the middle of the night with dozens of others and says she could tell right away it wasn't an accident. >> it just went up in flames, and, you know, the property -- proper has been vacant for long time. >> structure was under construction. slated to be a new restaurant. investigators have ruled the fire arson and are now looking for this man. >> as been determined to be intentionally set and an act of arson and deliberately setting a fire is a serious dangerous crime. it puts our firefighters in harm's way. puts residents in harm's way. >> atf special agent steve bartholomew says after reviewing
12:10 am
area surveillance cameras this man is now a person of interest. >> this individual was seen leaving the location prior to the fire and he's an individual that we would like to get identified and to speak with that individual. >> reporter: owner of the capelly brothers pizza shot this from across the street. the fire caused more than a million dollars in damage including a mural not yet finished worth more than $100,000. >> so many people could have been very very seriously injured. >> reporter: atf wants to know who this individual is. so if you think you recognize him or you know him they're asking you contact them directly. there is also a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. at 13 many and chancellor, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". eight days and counting. pope francis will touchdown in philadelphia in a little more than week. but we're already seeing the first traffic closures associated with the event. part of the ben franklin parkway
12:11 am
is now closed for the papal visit. the inner drives of the parkway are closed from eakins oval to 20th street until at least tuesday, september 29th outer drives remain epp it's unclear when they will close. some people lined up in delaware county today for tickets to see the pontiff. "eyewitness news" at st. denis parish in havertown. the church handed out free tickets first come first serve for the pope's sunday mass on the parkway. and as well for the festival of families. the line stretched down the block. meanwhile we're getting a look in philadelphia's real time crime center located inside the delaware valley intelligence center in south philly. this is one of the major security facilities that's providing a curtain of security around the pope during his visit. 1,000 cameras are focused on the parkway, expressways and every city neighborhood looking for any threats. >> 24/7 day a week operation center. it never goes down. never closes. look at any kind of threats any issues related to this visit or
12:12 am
within our communities. >> 130 police and federal agents at the intelligence center are also monitoring social media for possible threats. new right now, a protest against archbishop charles chaput outside the cathedral basilica in center z protesters from the who so ever metropolitan community church want him to diss a vow conversion therapy. that's treatment that aims to change the sexual orientation of homo sexual. s protesters say they welcome pope francis who they feel is more open and accepting towards gays and lee boo yann. >> montgomery county detectives searched the harrisburg office of kathleen kane it's unclear exactly what investigators were looking for. cane want was working out of her office in scranton today. back in august, kane was charged with obstruction and perjury for leaking secret grand jury information to newspaper. we have no way of knowing whether it affects the attorney general directly or whether the somehow affects the office in another way.
12:13 am
>> kane maintains her innocence. her local team believes she's being target as an evident to shield the release of additional offensive e-mails sent between high profile state officials during the stone cold porn gate scandal. >> camden county is taking action to stop the sale of puppy mill dog. lawmakers faced a crucial vote on the controversial issue and "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt was there. >> reporter: norman's slaw officially on the books in camden county. and that means when you go to a pet store in that cun tee expect to see animals only from shelt shelters or breeders. >> it makes sense morally, ethically, financially it just makes sense. >> reporter: melissa joined dozens of animal rights act roy toy visits to watch camden county freeholders pass norman's law. pet stores can no longer accept and sell cats or dogs from breeding mills. >> this is probably the best piece of alleges laying that i have seen yet in the 15 years i've been involved. >> reporter: steven wear and his wife judy are breeders and
12:14 am
they say they constantly face a certain stigma. >> breeders have been labeled as the bad guys. >> reporter: but they insist their hobby breeders haven't nothing to do with mass produced breeding mills. >> i've had people tell me it's easier to adopt a child than it is to get one of my puppies. you normally are going to sign a contract. you'll enter into a contract with that breeder. >> reporter: norman's law encourages pet stores to bring in animals directly from the shelter. bypassing the so-called puppy mill feeder system completely. >> i'm really proud of our county. i lived here my whole entire life and i'm proud that we're one of just a few in the whole country that are really kind of starting to see this change and make it a national movement. >> reporter: this resolution weren't into effect immediate p.m. if any pet store in camden county ignores the resolution, county officials cannot only fine the business they can shut it down completely. reporting in voorhees, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". the search is on tonight for brazen bike bandit his target philadelphia police. investigators say the man in this surveillance picture stole the officer's bike from outside
12:15 am
a 7eleven store in northern liberties this morning. the officer parked the 17-inch fugii mountain bike at 23 west girard avenue and went into the store when he came out the bike was gone. anyone with information is asked to contact the police. exterminators were called in to get rid of bed bugs inside the 311 center at philadelphia city hall. city officials say 50 employees were sent home this afternoon after the bed bugs were found in the offices carpet. 311 service requests will be handled online until that office reopens tomorrow morning. a photo scandal rocks a mainline middle school. pictures of students end up on instagram page decorated with inappropriate captions. more than 20 minors who attend radnor middle school were targeted. a fictitious instagram account was created and conclude fully clothed pictures of the students that were copied and posted to the account. those photos were accompanied with sexually explicit and lewd captions. >> we know it's harassment,
12:16 am
possibly stalking and some other things. so whether somebody thinks it's funny or not, it relates to criminal charges. could relate to permanent record depending on who they are. it is serious. >> the radnor township school district says it is cooperating with police. just an absolutely beautiful late summer night. kind of evening to have a street fair. crowds packed mt. airy tonight dozen of food trucks and other vendors set up shop. the food possibilities were endless from mac and cheese to pizza to gourmet doughnuts. somebody bands also provided music for dancing in the street. now kate it's been a great stretch. i understand you're keeping an eye on some changes. >> some changes indeed in the forecast ukee much not going to stay quiet as warm as it has been the good news it is going to stay generally dry as we head through the weekend no problems there. let's take a quick look at corm scan three clear for the moment. really no issues outside. had a few clouds down the shore earlier today. our next front right about here producing shower and thunderstorm activity this evening over wisconsin and over toward the chicago area.
12:17 am
high pressure still planted overhead for us. it will be around for the neck several days and then we'll start to cool down over the weekend. highs today or yesterday i should say on thursday 86 degrees in philadelphia. and in trenton. got to 85 in wilmington. atlantic city and in reading and temperatures right now still warm in the city at 72 but allentown at a comfortable 59 degrees. millville also has dropped into the 50s already and 63 degrees in reading. so pretty comfortable through the overnight hours. you'll wake up to temperatures generally in the upper 50s and low 60s across the region friday and again on saturday. so for your friday, again, pretty comfortable nice cool start to the day but notice we warm up in the afternoon. by 1:00 o'clock we're already at 84. 85 by 4:00 p.m. full dave sunshine. coming up i'll tell you about the cooling that will finally make its way into the forecast starting for part two of the weekend. ukee and jessica, back over to you g sounds good, kate, see you in a little bit. thank you. extra dose of love will be on hand during the pope's visit to philadelphia. >> you'll definitely recognize
12:18 am
this sign of affect. plus football fans closely watch their fantasy teams during tonight' thursday night football game but a local lawmaker is calling time out. we'll tell you why he wants an investigation into popular fantasy web sites. >> also a former eagle star is off the grid iron and on the big screen. jeremiah trotter as a film star. emotional roll he tells me he hopes can make diss. >> want what is is second to hope its flagship center city location. what sets this store apart from the rest? details straight ahead. >> coming up tonight right after "eyewitness news", it's the late show with stephen colbert. tonight stephen welcomes the new host of the daily show testify very noah secretary general of the united nations and the country blew crass musician chris stapleton. going to take a short break of the be right back.
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there are no limits on the amount of carbon pollution power plants can... release. and our senator, pat toomey, led the fight to keep it that way. carbon pollution, a major cause of climate change, leads to more asthma attacks in children. over a million pennsylvanians now suffer from asthma. and senator toomey took over a million dollars from polluters. tell senator toomey: it's time to clear the air.
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vote for the clean power plan. general motors agrees to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits over concealment of faulty ignition switches. it's automaker will pay out $575 million among more than 1300 wrongful death and injury cases. that money will also be used to settle a class action lawsuit filed by company shareholders. gm announced today it will pay
12:21 am
$900 million fine to avoid prosecution by the government. the calendar still says summer but health officials announced right now is the time to get a flu shot. they also said this year's batch of vaccines has been reformulated and should provide better protection. you'll remember last year a nasty new strain of the flu emerged makeing flu shots less protective. more than $170 million of the vaccine will be available this year coming in a variety of formulations. fewer than half of americans get vaccinated even though shots are recommended for everyone over the age of six months. fantasy football fans hoping to cash on tonight's thursday night football game a local congressman is now scrutinizing some fantasy sports sites. fantasy sports people compete online leagues with custom made teams composed of real life athletes. they often play for a pool of money. well, new jersey congressman frank pallone is calling for congressional investigation. he wants to know how a growing multi billion dollar industry isn't being regulated by federal laws which outlaw most sports
12:22 am
betting and online gambling. >> this exception that they carved out for fantasy sports was intended if you look at the legislation to be, you know, for minimal amount of prizes not cash prizes even. >> in a statement the fantasy sports trade association says in part "these are skill based games that match sports fans against each other in a couldn't at the time of sports knowledge and strategy". >> there's an old staying saying that athletes want to be actors and actors want to be athletes in the case of former eagle jeremiah trotter he's holding true to form making the moves necessary now to go from the lines on the field to the lines on the script. >> i used to jokingly to people like, man, i could do that. (laughter). >> injury nyah stopped by with the film director and co-star to talk about the movie story line which is no laughing matter. slavery.
12:23 am
>> i believely lord put me here for a person. >> nothing can prepare for a role hike this. >> the all pro linebacker nickname the ax man for his uncanny ability to relate a household chore growing up in texas to chopping down opposing players. now he's tackling an even greater foe. >> story that takes place in my hometown doylestown pennsylvan pennsylvania. >> the store of big ben jones do you meaned at a local church in doylestown and this rising local director happened to see it. >> 6-foot 10 run away slave, hawks bucks county resident. hero in bucks county. i went to the library the next day to find information about him and i was blown away. >> ben hopkins escaped from a plantation to freedom. there's danger, cruelty, and also compassion in the form of unexpected kindness from people involved in the underground railroad. >> this isn't a sad movie where you're going to go home and, you know, leave the theater and be upset. this film has very joyful parts
12:24 am
of it. it has parts that will make you smile. >> it wasn't all smile for trot, though. >> that was tough. you know, being called the inform word 30 times day. >> right. >> you know, and a couple days i almost brought my bocking gloves with me. >> really? (laughter). >> ♪ >> sadly, the struggle of racial equality continues. but films like this hope to make a difference in the game of life. >> ♪ >> and jeremiah was at the kimmel center tonight for the premier of the north star. after the viewing of the movie there was a vip cast party including trotter the director and the rest of the cast. north star will be released in limited theaters beginning tomorrow. pope francis is bringing a little extra love to philadelphia and in this case it's a more. spanish version of the famous love sculpture going on display next week outside the art museum near where the pope's altar is
12:25 am
being built much the sculpture says am more spanish for love and it too was made by artist robert indiana. he created it in 1998 as a nod to changing demographics keep your eye out for that. >> how about that? kate joins us now with our forecast technically it is friday. >> it's friday. >> happy friday. >> for a lot of folk the start of the weekend. it is friday tgif now. >> indeed. >> nice friday on the way. the day will get nicer and nicer as we go. cool and comfortable overnight. temperatures once again heading into the 80s in the afternoon. so if you're looking for hint a fall in the forecast, tomorrow or today is not your day. saturday is going to be warm as well and then we start to see little bit of a hint of fall creeping back in starting on sunday. let's take you outside right now start you off outside our studios looking live towards center city on skycam3. everything lit up. beautiful comfortable night out l that's the saving grace of this week even though temperatures have been above average when you get cool comfortable nights and low humidity it still feels pretty
12:26 am
awesome outside and it's feeling great outside this evening. let's take you out to quick time lapse video this from the beach patrol headquarters in margate. storm off the coast of the carolinas brought a few clouds to coastal areas this morning. in philadelphia palmyra nature park camera it was a beautiful day. beautiful sunset. orange and purpose pull and everything is all lit up. quiet outside. corm scan three looks good. no problem. you can see a few clouds lurking offshore. those the clouds we saw down the shore earlier today and then it cleared on out but what we have to watch is our next front. so here's the system i was mentioning off the coast of the carolinas with some rain that's impacting portions of the florida as well. back to the west is where our next front is lurking bringing shower and thunderstorm activity to the great lakes region here tonight. now, this front will cross our area overnight saturday night into sunday. looks like closer look in just a moment. 72 in philly. 59 in millville and in allento allentown. 63 degrees in reading at the moment. and september has been a sunny
12:27 am
month. in fact 16 out of 17 days at least little bit of sunshine the one day we didn't have any remember last thursday had a lot of rain, flash flood watches in effect. even saturday which ended up being kind of cloudy drizzly day had enough sun in the morning to qualify as at least a partly sunny day. 16 out of 17 not bad. tomorrow or today i should say i keep getting tripped up here, friday will make it 17 out of 18 and then saturday looking great as well. high pressure still in control. it does slip off the coast during the day saturday. this front approaches the heaviest rain slides off to the north. you can see sunday just a few more clouds. but it should stay generally dry and that's good news for anyone headed to the linc for the eagles game. of course, the cowboys in town. 4:25 p.m. kick off and not bad at all. 77 degrees and partly sunny. pretty comfortable not quite as warm even in the sun on sunday but still a nice day to be outside. through the overnight hours tonight, clear skies. it is comfy. 63 degrees will be our overnight low and for your saturday,
12:28 am
friday, this should be friday. today into tomorrow, temperatures once again in the mid 80s. sunny, nice and warm. let's take you down the shore f you'll be out and about on friday lots of sunshine. boy a great beach day. 80 degrees on friday. water temperature 73. uv index right around eight and on saturday, looking great as well. mostly sunny, nice again at 79 degrees. not bad at all if you're heading down the shore for the weekend. in the poconos things look great as well as we head into the weekend. next week it is going to cool down sunday into monday. start to feel a little bit more like fall. that's the case in the city as well. here's a look at your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast. again here's the transition. that front comes through saturday night into sunday. so we've got sunshine for later today. 85 degrees with sunshine. saturday 84. then watch for a few more clouds to filter in on sunday the high just 80 degrees. cooler still on monday. now monday i could see a pop up shower here or there as that cooler air moves in the upper levels of the atmosphere. tuesday a cool breeze. more clouds than sun at 74.
12:29 am
and then we start fall officially on wednesday. 76 partly sunny not bad and thursday looks good as well. you can get the updated forecast any time you want with our cbs philly weather app. check the live radar, get severe weather alerts and share your beautiful weather pictures with us download the app now on i tunes and on google play. >> a lot of opportunities for beautiful pictures. >> yes. that's about all you'll get right now. no severe weather or anything like that. >> kate thanks. >> thursday night football on cbs starts off with a wild one. >> we watch andy reid's career for a long time. >> yeah. >> i think this is one of the worst losses we have ever seen. thursday night football really popping tonight. we'll show you the highlights. it was really a low light for andy reid and this is just the beginning. find out who preaching patience for the eagles defense. that's next in sports.
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>> before you get tonight's game let's talk about the birds and boys. >> massive matchup. one we're all looking forward to. straight cash homey if you want to see the eagles home opener against the cowboys it will cost you. according to for the average tick at the linc on sunday is going for 413 bucks. that's the highest in the nfl this weekend and the highest at the linc since 2010. eagles fans hope to get their money' worth on the defensive side of the ball. birds torched by the falcons last week giving up 26 points. d coordinator billy davis. >> doesn't matter what you want the first game to be and look like defensively but it's exactly where you are. it's your starting point and there was not only technique issues out there at the corner spot just magnified but inside backer, outside backer, d line, safety. so we have a starting spot that we have got to grow and get
12:34 am
better front of. 26 points is way too many. >> meanwhile the cowboys coming sunday's game after come back against the giants in week one. they haven't lost in philly since 2011. but here's the thing. they're missing dez bryant which means they're missing their emotional leader. >> i think dez is, you know arc lot of ways the heartbeat, you know, he's got that emotional level that gets everybody going, and, um, you know, him just being around is infectious. it's a good thing for everybody, and, you know, we knee him back quick. >> the game you saw tonight on cbs3. a last second miracle fort broncos on thursday night football. game tied with 36 seconds left. chiefs run it jamal charles fumbles. bradley returns it 21 yards for the touchdown broncos scored two touchdowns in the final 40 seconds to win it 31-24. first round of the bmw championships second hole for
12:35 am
jordan speith. screaming at the ball. go, go, he said, get in there. and it does. a hole in one. first round was suspended because of rain. speith is tied for third at five under. jason day is the leader at 10 under par. >> phillies had the night off hook up with the braves over the weekend in atlanta. however, the reading phils within game three of the eastern league championship to beat the bay socks nine to three and lead the series two games to one. former sixer michael carter williams now milwaukee buck throwing out the first pitch at a brewers game. people always joke that he didn't have a jump shot. this is not helping. slightly off with the toss. he did tweet later that he needed a warm up. that is not helping your cause. bro. wonderful moment tonight at the braves game former president jimmy carter whose fighting brain cancer made it to the game and kiss cam found him and there
12:36 am
he is with his wife rosslyn and of course the 39th president of the united states gladly doing his duty how suite is that? >> no hesitation there. they're a lovely couple. lovely couple. >> kiss cam will find you did you not say that. >> always find you. >> it will always find you. kiss cam don't play. >> thank you buddy. appreciate it. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", a brand new wawa set to open in center city. >> wawa like you've never seen before. what makes this store so unique. we'll tell you on the other side.
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new tonight highly anticipated grand opening. >> in just a few hours even fewer now wawa will open the doors to its new store in center city philadelphia. tonight we got a sneak peek inside of what the flagship location will look like at broad and walnut. look at that. the store on the avenue of the
12:40 am
arts will be the first wawa to feature indoor bar seating along the windows. it opens at 9:00 o'clock this morning. it's a full two months ahead of schedule. >> how about that. >> you don't often hear that. we'll be right back. ♪
12:41 am
there are no limits on the amount of carbon pollution power plants can... release. and our senator, pat toomey, led the fight to keep it that way. carbon pollution, a major cause of climate change, leads to more asthma attacks in children. over a million pennsylvanians now suffer from asthma. and senator toomey took over a million dollars from polluters. tell senator toomey: it's time to clear the air. vote for the clean power plan.
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it's about that time and then some. that's going to do it for us. for don, kate and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. thanks for staying up late for us. we're always on at the late show with stephen colbert is neck. >> thanks so much for watching. good night, family.
12:44 am
when you go, sleep well. ♪ ( band playing "late show" theme ) captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome to the show! whooo! glad you're all here. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! (cheers and applause)
12:45 am
>> stephen: that's warm. thank you. thank you very much. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you, thank you so much. thank you so much. thank you so much for chanting that warm blanket of ego stroke. (laughter) >> stephen: welcome to the late show. please sit down, everybody, thanks so much. we have new seats. we paid a lot for them. welcome to the late show. i'm what future archaeologists will identify as the remains of stephen colbert. exciting night for cbs because right before this, all your cbs station was our season-opener of "thursday night football". let's go straight to hour four of our continuing coverage. (laughter) tonight kansas city chiefs versus the ten ver broncos,
12:46 am
humans versus horses in ancient conflicts. hard to know who to root for if you are a centaur. now we taped this, my in-depth coverage of the post game analysis before the game happened. so let me just say something to one of the teams right now. you fellas need to hunker down and find that extra gear, okay. you've got to want it or else you don't get it. now to the other team. you guys gave 110%. you left it all out on the field. now, i want you to go back out on that field and get it off the field cuz you're going to need it for the next game. plus other teams use the field. leaving it out there is a tripping hazard. thanks. so on behalf of all of us at cbs, i want to say to the winning team whose logo shoulding on this greenscreen helmet by the time we go to air, congratulations team's name here.
12:47 am
so that concludes-- (applause) that concludes our coverage of the "thursday night football". stay tuned for stephen colbert and the late show. (cheers and applause) thanks, steve, we've got a great show for you tonight. we have the new host of the daily show trevor noah, he's here tonight. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: he is going to be great. and your grandmother will soon be calling him trevor daley. i'll be talking with u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon. then-- (cheers and applause) >> stephen: moonheads hear, big moonheads here. then the two of us will go out and party so hard we will have to invoke his diplomatic immunity.
12:48 am
we're going to do doughnuts on de blasio's lawn. and my musical guest tonight is country bluegrass powerhouse chris stapleton, the songwriter behind hits like tennessee whiskey, drink a beer and whiskey and you. so you will want to put down whatever you are currently drinking and pick up whatever drink tonight's song is about. oh, oh, do y'all hear that, that funkalicious underscore means its times for momma and poppas to unmind your mind, refled you are your head, groovin behoovin. >> jon: yeah, you're right. >> stephen: but first, one more thing. quarterback tom brady has endorsed donald trump for president. apparently trump's head has just the right amount of deflation. (applause) tonight i welcome new daily show host trevor noah.
12:49 am
u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon. musical guest chris stapleton. featuring jon batiste and stay human and now it's time for the late show with stephen colbert! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: wow. incredible, incredible. incredible. hold on. hold on just one second, ladies and gentlemen, i'm just going to fix myself a cup of coffee here real quick.
12:50 am
and, hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm, tepid. nothing beats prop coffee. you see, like a lot of people, i was up yesterday watching the second republican debate on cnn. the debate started last night about 8:00 p.m. and it ended-- did it end yet? >> we're still in the first block believe it or not. >> stephen: oh, i believe it. hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm, oh, you request really taste the red. now folks, i don't blame jake tapper for stretching it out. last night cnn got their best ratings-of-of all time. an it's all because no one pumps your numbers like real estate mogul and my dear friend who i look forward to meeting right there on september 22nd, donald trump. and, and people love him and
12:51 am
in the spin room afterwards donald had a cogent analysis of last night's episode of american ninja debater. >> what have you learned after tonight? >> well, i've learned that i have no trouble standing for three hours. (laughter) >> stephen: it is impressive that he could stand through the entire thing. i could barely sit through it. one reason, one reason it was so long was because of a rule instituted by cnn that even if you weren't asked a direct question, if your name was mentioned by any other candidate, then you got to speak next. and if at that point you mentioned another candidate, that other candidate got to speak right after you. so a lot of the debate felt like this. >> ms. fiorina i want to start with you. >> i think mr. trump is a wonderful entertainer. >> rand paul shouldn't even be on this stage. >> senator paul. >> governor cristie. >> carlie. >> senator rubio. >> mr. trump. >> i agree with what chris is saying. >> i know. >> jeb is a friend, donald
12:52 am
trump. >> abraham lincoln. (laughter) >> stephen: this debate went so long that evidently even the candidates minds starting wandering, for instance, and this is true, at 10:12 people while he was on stage debating jeb bush joined vine. (laughter) vine, of course, posts videos of only six seconds or slightly longer than scott walker was allowed to speak last night. of course, the person who spoked longest was done ald trump. and the person speakering second longest was people talking about donald-- donald truch. >> i think there is a sophomoric quality that is entertain being mr. trump but i am worried his visceral response to attack people on their appearance,


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